Better, Quicker, Fitter

The Campaign

bicycle-1167547_1280Taunton Area Cycling Campaign is a voluntary group run by local residents. Formed in October 2016, our aim is safer, better and more cycling in the Taunton Area.

Traditionally Taunton has had a high level of cycling by UK standards. In the 2011 census nearly 10% of residents cycled to work. Many residents live and work in the Town. It has a partial cycle network in which money was invested in the past but now it is in need of  maintenance, and upgrading. New links need to be provided on key commuter routes to Bishops Lydeard and Wellington.

Innovative sustainable transport based around cycling and walking is important for a town and its surrounding area. People who cycle and walk are healthier, reducing the burden on the NHS. They are more productive, increasing the power of the local economy, and spend more money in local shopping streets, increasing profits. We think that, if you cycle in Taunton , you help create a BETTER environment, save time by making QUICKER journeys and you will be FITTER.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that is pretty close.

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Calling on TDBC to provide for cycling in Firepool ‘boulevard’ (station to town).Please support our petition



Our Vision: Making Space for Cycling


To enable everyone to cycle in comfort, we need high quality infrastructure for cycling which connects homes with work places, schools, shops and local amenities. Providing space for cycling creates efficient and attractive places to live, but infrastructure must be suitable for people new to cycling as well as those who wish to cycle at speed, and it must avoid low quality solutions, such as narrow shared-use paths which mix cycles with pedestrians. Cycle routes must be direct, convenient and quicker than by car if cycling is to grow.

A bike is a vehicle and a cyclist should be able to continue on a road straight through roundabouts and junctions without being forced onto the pavement having to dismount and wait for a break in the traffic.

We believe that to create new high quality cycle infrastructure and review existing cycle facilities best design practice should be followed. Design guidance ‘Manual for Streets 2’ (with reference to London Cycle Design Standards and Making Space for Cycling ) is the best available in the UK and should be used by Somerset County Council (the local authority responsible for transport) for designing road layouts in new developments and on urban roads.

Current and recent work done by TACC


  • Summer /Autumn 2016 An online survey of local cyclists: over 300 responded. We used the information collected to produce a map of 15 hotspots which we presented with the findings of the survey to Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council in November 2016 – see survey page.
  • Dec 2016 Our submission to the Firepool Planning Application –see planning applications page
  • Jan 2017 Our objection to the planning application containing the proposed cycle infrastructure on the Staplegrove Spine Road and its junctions –see planning applications  page
  • Jan 2017 Our submission to Somerset County Council on the problems for pedestrians and cyclists arising from the design of new cycling infrastructure approved/built by SCC with examples of poor recent infrastructure. This includes over-sized roundabouts and multiple lane crossings, lack of priority of side crossings and cyclist/pedestrian unfriendly guard railing – see design standards page
  • March 2017 Our response to the Town Centre proposals – see planning applications page
  • March 2017 Our response to the consultation on the new  junction 25 of the M5 –see planning applications page

TACC is working very hard to represent the interests of local cyclists – we need your support. Join us by clicking on the orange box.